With the Cats sleep with books shirt in other words I will buy this help of a few ground rules and a strategic assist from the items below, we’ve somehow managed to survive quarantine with our marriage—if not our dignity—wholly intact.My husband manages a sales team, meaning that all the things that make him good at his job are precisely what make him an extremely irritating roommate. I’m not normally one to spend money on tech accessories, but with more permanent options off the table—soundproof wall paneling, anyone. God did not ask the Israelites to blindly follow him. YOU do not ask your children to blindly follow you. We demonstrate our character to those we love and at times when they don’t understand we ask them to trust us. I’m getting ready to fly on a plane and I am trusting that the pilot knows how to fly the plane, that the runway is not filled with holes, and that the flight tower will keep us safe. Is this BLIND faith? No. It is based on certain facts and previous results that give me great confidence but I have no specific empirical evidence that any of my presuppositions are indeed correct. But I also know people who are terrified to fly which is unreasonable considering the odds of failure and the measure taken to ensure safe arrival. Their action is loosely based on fact and a lack of faith in the opinions of others. They are driven by feelings that are overreactions. The scientist who has faith in God searches for evidence with an open mind to inductively come to a conclusion based on his power to reason inductively, not seductively. Some of the greatest apologists of Christianity were skeptics who ultimately found that reason and discovery were compelling enough to create an option beyond the reAlm of discoverability. For example, the Big Bang is a theory just as creationism is; neither can be reproduced again so we explore items that may be evidence of what happened but we cannot know for sure. The Evolutionist places faith in the premise that God did not create the universe as the Bible describes. I’m no scientist but I have an open mind and have learned to rethink and reposition my beliefs based on what I have learned and discovered. There is no BLIND faith for a true follower of Jesus. It is faith-based on his character as it has been revealed from faith to faith, generation after generation, life afterlife.

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Pre-pandemic, we ate roughly 20% of our meals at home. Between lunches at the Cats sleep with books shirt in other words I will buy this office, dinners out and Saturday morning bagel runs, we didn’t have much need for a robust arsenal of at-home recipes. And while we initially leapt at the opportunity to try expand our culinary repertoire, what began as a novel distraction quickly faded into a tedious chore. Hello Fresh. I know, I know—in a previous life, I would have scoffed at the idea of needing basic ingredients mailed to me in prepackaged. Edwards Deming claimed that much of the information needed to run a business is unknown and unknowable. He explained this by posing a question: “What is the specific value of employee training? What is the optimum expenditure on training programs? Obviously, employees need training in the specifics of particular tasks. How much training is enough? How much is too much? Deming insisted that a manager must operate on chosen theory without proof. A better illustration of Deming’s contention is provided by the former Chairman of Wegmans Food Markets. I have accompanied my wife to picnics at Robert Wegman’s home. After the meal, he addressed the crowd: “I have all my middle managers here and I want to make your jobs easier. There is only one thing you need to do to make this company successful. Just one thing. That is to make life easier for the people who work for you. If you do this one thing, then we will have happy and satisfied employees who will give our customers the service they deserve. Anyone who knew Mr. Wegman knew he operated the company this way. There was no hard proof, but this philosophy felt right to him. Wegmans is consistently rated as one of the best companies to work for. It is also rated as the best grocery store chain by customers. For me personally, I see my life as an engineer and my life as a Christian as similar, but not identical. In both aspects of my life, I am a seeker of truth. As a process engineer for a maker of medical products, I need to run experiments to gather data to justify claims about products and to demonstrate safety and efficacy with repeatable data. As a Christian, I am also seeking the truth, but I am unable to run experiments to verify matters of faith. I don’t accept anything on blind faith.

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