The bad news is that after the superlative First Class and Days of Future Past, the entire Friends X-men shirt franchise seems to have taken a huge step backwards with Apocalypse. Even the collective thespian prowess of Fassbender, McAvoy, Lawrence and franchise newcomer Sophie Turner cannot combat a movie that is overstuffed with inconsequential characters and subplots, as well as one of the least menacing arch-villains in recent memory. Apocalypse is supposed to be immensely powerful, but ends up spending almost all of his screen time behaving like a blue Nick Fury there are a LOT of blue characters in this movie, by the way and convincing mutants to join his cause as his horsemen.

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While three of the mutants he recruits are of highly questionable use Friends X-men shirt, fans of Angel, Psylocke and Storm, Apocalypse does manage to get Magneto on his side as well, but the recruitment sequence involving Auschwitz borders on the tacky. Apocalypse is such a generic villain that he poses no menace whatsoever, and even his scheme for total global annihilation feels underwhelming. Of the newcomers, the only actor of note is Sophie Sansa Stark Turner, who does a decent job of giving depth to Jean Grey in her limited screen time, and would be the one to look out for in the inevitable sequel.

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