Parents won’t be fined for not sending their children Grateful Dead dancing bear shirt. Yet key workers dont have a choice and have to send their kids because they still have to socially distance from their grandparents friends alternative childcare and can only travel within a 5 mile radius. Makes loads of sense well done. Some kids are just being left feral. It’s understandable that parents are scared, but the biggest factor is still age. September isn’t going to be any different, may as well get schools up and running and ready for September. Schools, once again insist they weren’t told about this and they’re not prepared.

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Record the factual part of lessons to be accessed by the whole year group on line Grateful Dead dancing bear shirt, then less time needed in the classroom for interactive sessions. Letting LA’s take control will be a disaster. And another weeks holiday in October after all this time off isn’t appropriate. Many parents will be back in full time employment given government support schemes will have ended. I’m a teacher and I haven’t stopped working. Extra time is inconvenient for parents especially when many are on reduced income.

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