First the crack down on LGBTQ presence then the closure of pubs and censorship Kick Ms’s ass like a boss shirt of the media and the unlawful indefinite detention of journalists. Ordgan has managed to destroy the secular pillars of the country. Turkey is definitely starting to sound like Saudi Arabia without the chainsaw. Byzantium was a Greek city, and then it was renamed Constantinople. Well the frenchs when conquerd algeria they turned all the mosque to a churchs and they still till now a churchs and in spain after they wons against the moors they turned all the historic mosques to a churchs and nobody complained so Turkey has the right to do whatever they want in their own country.

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Great so when will the court rule that it could revert back to being a church Kick Ms’s ass like a boss shirt. I like how people can’t mind their own business. It is in Turkey and they have the right to make even a supermarket in that church. Let Turkey and turkish people decide what they want. The great thing is that despite the games politicians play, that beautiful building and its legacy will outlive us all, including Erdogan and his ultra conservative fanatics.

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