Instead of throwing more money at it, why not institute laws Love American scissors sewing machine shirt and create a culture to encourage families to stay together. Have half the judgemental people commenting on here even watched the article? Really hard situation for these women, they have been working and self sufficient before Covid and don’t want to rely on benefits. A worrying time for many. I’m a 58 year old bloke who runs a business. And a single parent to three kids. When I had my kids I had no expectation of becoming a single parent. But things happen in life that you never plan or expect.

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Same here for Cancer patients, we feel completely abandoned Love American scissors sewing machine shirt. Well it is a choice, I do know marriages break down or one becomes widowed. But a lot of people just have children because they wish to. So yes I agree with the lady who says you get on with it. It is now a days a choice. Same here in Italy, people are waiting more than 3 months now for help. Not just single parents, some parents both work, and seeing as money makes the world go round it’s not like people can afford a sabbatical.

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