Condolences to his family, but I’m really pleased, that the shark Pug banana America shirt, got away, it doesn’t deserve to die, the shark was in its own territory, doing what comes naturally, looking for food. Brave of the others to come to the rescue. Glad the shark was not shot for being a shark. Condolences to the family. People who swim and surf in the ocean know the risk. It’s tragic what happened but no one can blame the shark. Usually in these situations coast guards start killing random sharks hoping they got the guilty one. Senseless. Millions of sharks are killed every year by humans. Sharks are an endangered species.

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The media are very quick to jump on a story where a human is killed by a Pug banana America shirt by following it’s natural instinct to hunt, but I don’t recall the BBC doing any stories about shark finning or the UKs own problems when it comes to killing endangered species. This is very sad for the surfer, but it is the Sharks home. You would not walk in to the wilds of Africa and expect not to be eaten by Lions. RIP to the man.

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