You wouldn’t concern your partner at all about this My other shirt is a scrub top shirt. Fine, sure go ahead, but don’t go asking for child support from the man if you decide to keep the baby and he doesn’t. You claim BLM when planned parenthood abort 250 black babies a day. You obviously don’t care about those black lives. Hypocrisy at its finest. Thanks for bringing up the topic of womb removal, Helen. The majority of women who want to have their tubes tied are restricted from doing so due to sexist and archaic processes, and the overall opinion of the doctor she sees at the time. So while you’re at it, don’t forget to contact your legislators demanding legislation be made to protect women’s rights to tie their tubes, without the restrictions currently in place that stop them from doing so.

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If youd like to take it a step further My other shirt is a scrub top shirt, demand from your legislators that they push for laws that require any male who chooses to engage in sexual relations undergo mandatory vasectomies. This would be much more logical than having women undergo mandatory pregnancies and births, so I highly recommend refocusing your efforts.

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    Quality of material could be better for the price.

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    Ordered as a gift it was well received ! size quality and print was perfect . Very Happy Birthday Girl !

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    Very good service very pleased with product would recommend this product

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    I love my crazy chicken T shirt! It’s a good fit, good quality and arrived when promised. What more can I say? Thank

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    Ordered a special printed t-shirt for my neighbour (a fishing fanatic) for his birthday. I’m thoroughly delighted with it and the quality is superb. Delivery was fast too! Highly recommended.

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