Great work guys I am a simple woman and was born in Texas shirt. Just wish everyone would dispose of their rubbish responsibly instead of just dumping it. That’s why cans have to be squashed and any container crushed before being put it the appropriate recycling or garbage cans. The use of tear gas during a pandemic is the best way to spread any airborne pathogen since it causes heavy and prolonged coughing and sneezing in a crowded space. Let’s find the infection rate for protesters and compare to their peers. If increased then assault or reckless endangerment charges should be considered for leadership. When it comes to protests of this scale, every law enforcement agency in any decent country uses tear gas. It is not exclusive to the US, be glad that they don’t use cavalry run like here in Brazil, even though we don’t have a militarized police force.

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Quite misleading, and obviously so I am a simple woman and was born in Texas shirt. I talk about the connection with tear gas and misleading photographs used in the report of soldiers who were most probably exposed to much more harmful agents, such as mustard gas, which resulted in life changing effects. Evidence that the BBC and it’s reporting have fallen below the standard expected of this organisation. But, when our law enforcement officers are outnumbered by crowds that become violent and are looting and destroying our businesses, the least harmful resolve is teargas. Without it, the alternate might be sandbags, high pressured water hoses or tasers. So, what’s the issue here.

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