They don’t use tear gas in UK nor Oz nor other civilised countries In a world full of Karen be a Dolly shirt. America is becoming a social third world fascist dictatorship. Very strange question in my view. Is tear gas not the least lethal crowd dispersal technique available. A good question would be What is the true reason for these riots demonstrations. Because it is more humane than dogs and fire hoses perhaps. I have absolutely no problem with people protesting, but when it violent civil disorder ensues the protesters have upped the ante. I love the irony of this, and not too long ago, they condemned how HK police use the tear gasses.

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The politicians are to blame. Its election time, these events are used to create polarity In a world full of Karen be a Dolly shirt. The common peoples are being used as puppets. The loser will also be the common man at last. Also due to not following social distancing norms Wuhan virus is out of control. Fundamental right to protest is intact but think about your greater responsibility of not spreading the virus. And the law condemns and hold law-breaching officers accountable in the US. In Hong Kong, zero police officer has been prosecuted for police brutality. Stop comparing and assist CCP’s agenda.

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